Service designed to simplify your University Application process.

How does our Process work?

Personal Counselor

First, you’ll be assigned A Personal Counselor, who will be in touch with you to answer your questions in the entire application process like Choice of Course, Universities,  Application filling, Required Documentation, Loan guidance, Visas etc., 

University Suggestions

Once our counselors get to know your information, our experts suggest universities based on your-

Interested Course; Academic Background; Test Scores; Work-Ex (If any);  Location (US, CAN, UK etc); Budget; Career Goals.

*We use historic data of admits and rejects combined with recent university admit statistics to suggest universities that best suit your profile and requirements.

SOP Guidance

To help you draft the Statement of Purpose and other letters, we provide-

  • Sample Documents
  • Writing Guidelines
  • Improvisation of content

Education Loan Guidance

Once you have your admits in hand, we will guide you through getting the best education loan deals for your profile, through our partner banks and lenders. 

Visa Preparation

Get all your Visa documentation work done by our counselors and prepare for the Visa interviews through our Highly rated Mock Interview Sessions (For USA).

Dream Destinations

Whether you want to go to the US, Canada, UK, Australia or other European countries of your choice, we will guide you through every step of the process. 

Our Pricing

The Complete Package

  1. Custom University List
  2. Application Guidance
  3. Education loan deals
  4. Visa interview prep
An expert would be guiding you throughout the process.

Applications Package

  1. Custom University List
  2. Application Guidance
  3. Education loan deals

An expert would be guiding you throughout the process.

Visa Package


Our experts will guide you through documentation, filing, and interview prep.

The prices mentioned above are subject to change based on the client’s choice of country and demand for services. The actual prices might be slightly lower or higher. Get in touch with us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m confused about where to start, which course to do,which country to pick etc. Do you provide career guidance?

Yes, you can discuss all your career-related questions with us. We are not professional career counselors but we can definitely give you good insights based on our experience of guiding multiple students. Schedule a call with us to talk about your career. 

Is "The Complete Package" for one country or multiple countries?

It’s for universities and visas of only one country of your choice. You can add additional countries, for which we charge a small add-on fee. 

Is The Complete Package for one course or multiple courses?

It is for one course only- for example, if you want Data Science, we suggest 15-20 universities for Ms in data science and related fields only. If you want additional courses, we charge an add-on fee. 

How are the University Lists prepared?

Through extensive research and past knowledge, We match about 15-20 universities based on your profile, course of study, preferred location, budget etc. We also provide your “chances of admit” for each university suggested to you, based on our historical student admit data available. We make sure we suggest Universities across all rankings and nudge you towards applying to a balanced set of universities. 

Are your timings flexible for working professionals?

Yes. Specifically for working professionals, we make sure we are available on weekends as well (usually Saturdays). We give extra time for working professionals only on these days to help finish their applications. 

Application Guidance


The United States is the world’s leading pupil destination. It offers an incomparable compass of opportunities for scholars from all fields to study and exceed in their chosen 


Australia is one of the best destinations for international students looking to pursue education abroad as it has 8 universities in the top 100 universities in the world.


The Canadian higher education institutions attract students from all corners of the globe. Every Canadian institution has a solid foundation, cutting-edge curriculum


In Europe, students have several options for studying abroad. Not only do these nations have well-established educational systems and some of the world’s greatest 

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most popular study destinations for students who are looking to get an international degree with practical knowledge, experience, and job-readiness


Singapore’s main university is National University of Singapore (World Rank #11), which has a student population of around 42,000. In recent years, Singapore has emerged as a global leader in research 

United Kingdom

Historically, the United Kingdom has been one of the world’s leading educational destinations, with centuries-old institutions that have a tradition of creating the best minds on Earth.

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