A new GRE batch (offline/online) starts every month. For exact dates and timings please contact us on 9908222209 . IELTS/PTE/TOEFL classes start every Monday. To know the timings, please contact us on the above number.

GRE crash course is 30 days long with 2hours 30minutes class duration from Monday-Saturday. This course is usually offered during Summer and winter break. GRE regular course is 45 days long with 1h 30 minutes class duration from Monday-Saturday. IELTS/TOEFL/PTE- The course length for all the English based tests is 30 days with 1 hour class duration, from Monday to Friday.

Yes, our charges are inclusive of all the material for GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.

Yes, once you enroll you can re-attend the classes how many ever times you want within one year of your enrollment! Your enrolment ID is valid for one year from your "Date Of Joining". We're currently charging Rs 1000/- extra for students who want to re-attend GRE Offline classes.. For other English based test tracks, there are no charges applicable.

University Guidance

We have Master’s graduates from top universities, who suggest University lists based on your profile and help you draft high quality SOPs. Our counsellors will guide you in University score reporting, Application filling , Visa Documentation etc.. We also have a visa expert who helps you prepare your Visa forms and conducts mock interviews (in case of USA). Our team will make sure you’re well guided throughout the process, avoiding pitfalls, and mis-information.

Our University lists are well researched and tailor made for every applicant (by experts who have pursued master’s in top universities). Ours is not one-size-fit-all kind of University lists. We consider various factors and requirements while suggesting university list to every student, such as GPA, Test Scores, Budget, Field of interest, Location etc.. We also take into factor our past student admit/reject data while suggesting universities- we have historic data of over 10000+ admits to 200+ Universities of all rankings. We are also constantly in touch with our students who are currently pursuing master’s abroad and keep up to date with information about job opportunities in the field, best locations to study in, variety of master’s courses etc.. Because of all the above factors we are able to give you a list of Universities that is a great match for your profile and requirements, and also provide the chances of admit to each University so that the applicant can make informed decisions, saving time and resources thereby. Finally, if any consultancy is proclaiming to do anything for free please be aware of them because there is always a catch or lack of quality. You might be misguided into programs that are not right fit for you. Afterall, Master’s education is a high investment of one’s time, effort, and money.

SOPs and LORs are very influential parts of application when you are targeting to study in good Universities. So we help you draft high quality essays that cover all aspects of your profile and address the various demands of the essay prompts. Your essays are reviewed by top university graduates, who will help you in polishing your essays so that they look wee-crafted, professional, to-the-point, and free of grammatical errors. However, we do not write your essays. Please do not hire any consultant who offers to write your essay- University officials can clearly distinguish whether it is original or not.

Average application fee: 60 USD (30 USD to 80 USD); Some Universities provide application fee waivers too. Average Courier Charges: Rs 900 (To send your official documents) TOEFL/GRE score reporting: 37 USD; Average Total Cost for applying to each University: 100 to 110 USD (No other hidden costs). NOTE: A student is advised to know complete details about this application process and draw conclusions on the above facts.

Our pricing for University Application guidance starts from Rs 15,000/- for all profiles. Some students might be charged up to Rs 20,000/- based on specific requirements they have. Our Visa guidance (for USA) service is between Rs 7000-10000/- based on complexity of profile and specific client requirements.

University application charges such as Application Fee, Score reporting, and Courier charges are all separate and not inclusive in our Services fee.

Yes our team is available online and has been guiding clients from across the country and from other countries as well.

Fair University suggestions- Unless the candidate insists, we generally discourage the student applying to low ranked, commission based universities (Universities that pay high service fee to consultancies for sending students to them). We have students who got admits to not just top branded universities but to universities across all rankings, regions, and budgets. Expert Guidance- From guiding thousands of students in last 14+ years, we have a fair understanding of University admissions and pitfalls in the process. We are also aware of best practices and mistakes that students commit while selecting and applying to universities. We make sure the application process is smooth and effective. Competitive Pricing- We made sure our pricing is economical and a small percentage of your total expenses for studying abroad. Our main aim is to guide students to quality universities and not to make money via commissions from low ranked universities. The pricing also reflects the effort that goes into carefully handling each profile, as we believe every profile is unique. Everything is done transparently and there are no hidden charges.