1.(of a bright light) blind temporarily. 2. overwhelm with an impressive quality,
DAZZLED-DAZED-AMAZED: Something amazed is known as dazzled .
1. she was dazzled by the headlights .2. I was dazzled by the exhibition.
1. blind temporarily, deprive of sight. 2. overwhelm, overcome, impress, affect, touch, awe;
1.clear. 2.bore ;

If you can spend money of about Rs 12 to 15 Lakhs without any expectations of financial support from the university, you can go ahead with the admission process The university reputation is quite OK.

*NOTE: One of my students Mr Venu did his MS in Electrical Engineering from this university and after 4 years of job experience he did his MBA from Cornell University. He is in very good position and earning 200,000 dollars per annum. His academics and GRE® scores before he entered this school were average.

If you get admission in an engineering stream try to look for a transfer in other streams (after completing first semester course work ) such as statistical science and other related courses where competition is less and job prospects are plenty.

Quant 1

If the sum of a number and its reciprocal is less than 2 then what is the number?

None of the Above
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